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When it comes to selecting the right tires for your ATV, versatility and performance are two things that come to mind about 22x11x10. These often ignored tire sizes offer a combination of grip, durability as well as smoothness on different terrains. This in-depth guide will take you through everything you need to know about 22x11x10 atv tyres; starting from their specifications and advantages through to maintenance tips and choosing the right tread pattern.

What are 22x11x10 ATV Tyres?

ATV tyres come in different sizes and at first glance, it may be confusing what those numbers mean. So let’s decode this-

22 represents overall height of the tire in inches – A 22-inch tyre gives good ground clearance without compromising stability.

11 indicates width of the tire in inches – An 11-inch wide tyre provides excellent traction and stability particularly in off-road conditions.

10 is wheel diameter (also given in inches) which means that an average size for ATV wheels would be around 10”

Advantages of 22×11×10 ATV Tires

Versatility: These tires can handle all types of surfaces such as mud, sand, rocks or trails etc.; they are designed so that they can adapt themselves according to different conditions easily.

Improved Traction: Width along with tread pattern used on these tires guarantees better grip thereby reducing chances of slipping or losing control.

Longevity: They’re built tough enough to withstand harsh environments thus made out of high-quality materials which resist punctures and wear.

Smooth Ride: 22x11x10 tires offer relatively smooth riding experience even though being rugged enough to absorb shocks and provide comfort.

Choosing the Right Tread Pattern

Tread patterns are important for good performance of ATV Tyres. Here we have some common types:


These treads are designed to be versatile; they perform well on different surfaces making them ideal for riders who may encounter various terrains in one trip. The design itself provides adequate grip both on hard and soft grounds.


Aggressive lugs with wide spacing that can dig into soft ground so as to attain maximum traction under muddy conditions. They might produce more noise and offer less comfort when used on hard-packed trails.


Paddle-like treads which helps ATV float over soft sand thus preventing it from sinking thereby providing better control & manoeuvrability on sandy beaches or dunes.


Rocky surface requires tough durable tread which should also have ability of gripping such a surface without being affected by sharp edges hence rock tires were made specifically for this kind of terrains. With them there’s increased puncture resistance as well as stability on rocky terrain.

Maintenance Tips for 22×11×10 ATV Tires

To keep your atv tyres going longer and performing better, here are maintenance tips;

Regular Inspection

Always check whether there is any cut or puncture in your tires, also look out for signs showing that they’re wearing-out so you can replace them before things get worse – this could save lives!

Proper Inflation

It is crucial to maintain correct inflation pressure because over-inflated ties will make ride harsh while under-inflated ones will cause poor handling and quick wear; always refer manufacturer’s guidebook for recommended air-pressure limits.



Regularly revolutionizing your tires ensures the same wear and prolongs their life. Equally, it keeps balance and performance intact.


Keep your ATV in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. If you are storing for long, remove the tires and keep them in a controlled area.

Performance on Different Terrains


22x11x10 ATV tyres provide a smooth and stable ride on trails. Wide design with good tread pattern grips loose dirt or gravel thus reducing chances of skidding.


In muddy areas, these tyres excel due to their width and aggressive tread patterns. They can easily go through thick muds providing excellent traction that prevents the ATV from getting stuck.


For sandy grounds, having the right 22x11x10 tire with paddle-like treads can be a game-changer. Such treads allow ATVs to float over soft sands without sinking hence better control and maneuverability.


On rocky surfaces, this type of tyre offers outstanding durability as well as resistance against punctures. Strong design coupled with grip-focused treading ensures stability even on uneven or sharp rocks.

Popular Brands and Models

A variety of brands offer top-quality 22x11x10 ATV tires including:

Maxxis Bighorn

Maxxis Bighorn is known for its toughness and versatility making it popular among many ATV riders. The radial construction provides smooth riding experience while absorbing shocks effectively.

ITP Mud Lite

Specifically designed for muddy conditions; ITP Mud Lite has an aggressive tread pattern which guarantees excellent traction thus becoming number one choice whenever mud holes are expected to be encountered frequently by riders.

Kenda Bearclaw

Kenda Bearclaw performs well across different types of terrain thanks to its angled knobs that deliver great grip together with stability making it reliable all-terrain selection.


Selecting appropriate tires for your ATV is vital to achieving performance, safety and comfort. The reason why 22x11x10 ATV tyres standout is because they are versatile, durable and have good gripping ability. These tyres offer an equal performance wherever you ride be it on trails, mud or sand.

Regular maintenance, correct choice of tread and understanding various features found in different types of tyre will enable you to derive maximum benefits from your ATV adventures. Invest in quality 22x11x10s and nothing will stop you from riding over any kind of ground with confidence.

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