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Looking for the best motorcycle tires on sale can be a difficult process. With so many selections available in the market, where do you start? Do not worry because we are here to help guide you through this intricate yet interesting world of motorcycle tires. Let us dig deep into picking out the right set of tyres that will keep you rolling smoothly and safely along the highway.

Understanding Motorcycle Tyre Basics

What Are Motorcycle Tires Made Of?

Motorbike tyres are made up of different materials blended together, each with its own specific function within the tire’s operation. The main ones include:

  • Rubber Compounds: These are what provide grip and flexibility. Different types use different compounds to achieve various levels of adhesion and durability.
  • Steel Belts: These give it more strength also helps maintain shape under load.
  • Fabric Plies: Further strength is added by layers of fabric, usually polyester.

Types of Motorcycle Tyres

There are several types of tyres for motorcycles designed to handle particular riding styles as well as conditions:

  • Sport Tires: Built with speed and agility in mind; they have good grip but wear out quickly.
  • Touring Tires: Meant for long distance rides; comfortable and sturdy.
  • Cruiser Tires: Designed for big bikes like Harley-Davidson; emphasis is on stability and smoothness.
  • Off-Road Tires: Intended for dirt, mud or rough terrains; feature deep treads for better traction.
  • Dual-Sport Tires: Hybrid option for those who ride both on-road & off-road – offers compromise between good pavement handling and capability in dirt/gravel etcetera

Choosing The Right Motorcycling Tyres

Consider Your Riding Style

The type of tire you need is heavily influenced by your riding style. Are you a speed junkie, long distance tourer or off road explorer? For optimum performance and safety, select tyres that suit your style best.

Tire Size and Specifications

Knowing the size of a tyre as well as its specifications is important. This information can be found on the sidewall of each tire and it includes:

  • Width: The width in millimeters across an inflated tyre at widest point.
  • Aspect Ratio: The ratio between height of section (from rim to surface) divided by its width expressed as percentage.
  • Rim Diameter: Diameter measured from one side wall to another where bead seats onto wheel rim; this value should match diameter given for any particular sized motorcycle’s wheel(s).
  • Load Index: Maximum weight that can be carried by one individual tyre at correct pressure specified for application concerned – usually given pounds or kilograms.
  • Speed Rating: Designates maximum safe operational speed which may range from Alphabet A to Z.

Tread Pattern

The type of tread pattern greatly affects how your bike handles different road conditions. Aggressive patterns work better off-road while smoother ones are ideal for paved roads.

Rubber Compound

Softer compounds offer superior grip but wear out faster than hard compound kind which lasts longer albeit at expense of some traction; so make choice based upon riding needs & preferences

Tire Specialty Shops

Motorcycle tires are often sold by Discount Tire and Tire Rack. These stores have staff members who possess knowledge about motorcycles and they can help you select the most suitable tire for your motorcycle.

Taking Care of Your Motorcycle Tires

Frequent Checks

Regularly inspect your tires for signs of damage or wear. This includes looking out for cuts, cracks, punctures as well as uneven tread wear that might indicate misalignment or improper inflation.

Appropriate Inflation

Proper inflation is crucial to safety and performance alike; therefore always ensure that you maintain correct tire pressure levels. Check them at least once per month and before any long rides using a reliable gauge referring to recommended levels in your bike’s manual.


Rotate your tires in order to promote even wearing out while extending their life span, especially on bikes where front/rear use different sizes of tyres.


Balancing keeps off vibrations which could result into an uncomfortable ride hence it should always be done when fitting them or if there are any strange vibrations while riding.

Storage Tips

Store the motorcycle in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. If storing it for an extended period use stands so that flat spots do not appear on the tyres.

When To Change Your Motorcycle Tyres?

Knowing when to replace your motorcycle tyre is important because it affects safety. Here are some indications that you need new ones:

  • Worn Tread: If the tread depth is below minimum legal limit (usually 1/32 inch), it needs replacement.
  • Cracks & Bulges: Visible cracks, cuts or bulges on tire sidewall show structural damage.
  • Age: Even if they look good condition no more than five years old should still be changed since rubber tends deteriorate over time.
  • Frequent Punctures: If getting many punctures then this could mean tyres have become worn and need replacing.

Best Brands of Motorcycle Tyres


They make long lasting high quality performance tyres for different riding styles and conditions to choose from.


This brand offers sporty riders tires that have great grip and handling which are known worldwide due to their track record. They are built for speed with racing in mind.


Known for making reliable durable motorcycle tyre options suitable across various types of bikes, their range includes models for sport touring as well as off-road adventures.


A good compromise between performance comfort durability can be achieved when going in for these types of products made by Dunlop which is one the most reputable names within industry. There are models available catering every need under sun depending on what type style or condition you prefer riding under.


If innovation technology are your things then Continental might just have what it takes because they offer a variety ranging from sports-touring right through pure sport rubber but always keeping best possible quality standard throughout range no matter which direction chosen so far has been regarded as being up there competing level against other top brands like Michelin etcetera also its worth adding that continental produce some very nice looking tyres too!

Motorcycle Tires Buying Tips

In order not to overspend while still getting a good deal here is what you should do;

  • Shop Around: Prices differ greatly among sellers hence take time comparing online vs offline stores before settling on one.
  • Read Customers Feedbacks & Ratings: Learn more about durability performance different tyres from people who already tried them out; focus mainly on reviews written by motorcyclists using same bike model as yours.
  • Look Out For Promotions: Many dealers give price cuts during promotional periods so always keep an eye open any money saving opportunities such events may present themselves
  • Seek Advice from a Technician:

In case you’re not sure which tires to get, ask experts. This can be done by visiting local shops or dealerships and even checking online forums where people share their experiences and give advice about their motorcycles.


To ensure a safe and fun ride, it is important that one chooses the right motorcycle tire for sale. Knowing what each type of tire does best, its specifications as well as how they should be maintained will enable you make informed decisions which are likely to improve your bike’s performance and lifespan. You can find them at any store near you but if not then check out some websites that sell these products specifically designed for two wheelers such as Amazon or eBay among others. Take note also never to forget inspecting frequently plus keeping up with repairs whenever necessary since this guarantees maximum safety while on road. Enjoy your ride!

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