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When keeping your golf cart in top shape, picking the right tire is the most important thing you can do. The amount of different types and specifications for golf cart tires are immense, but knowing what they are and how they affect durability, traction and efficiency on all terrains will ensure that your golf cart is ready for anything. This guide to golf cart tire supply should help make this process easier by breaking down some of its complexity while still providing enough information to help optimize functionality in your own personal vehicle.

What Does Each Number Mean? (Understanding Golf Cart Tire Dimensions)

The first step towards finding an appropriate size is understanding how sizes are labeled – usually something like 18×8.50-8 or 22×11-10.

The 18 represents outside diameter (inflated, unloaded)

8.50 corresponds width (in inches)

8 indicates wheel diameter which it would fit onto

Different sizes do more than just change appearance; they also affect handling and performance on a vehicle as well as its overall look. For example large tyres may increase ground clearance useful for off road driving but wider ones might provide better stability with weight distribution.

Types Of Golf Cart Tires

Standard Street Tires

Designed exclusively smooth surfaces such as paved paths or concrete sidewalks; these have very little tread pattern so produce quiet ride too. They’re great if most part where you play is either at traditional golf courses or within gated communities where there isn’t much variation between holes due mainly because everything being artificial grass which always kept trimmed short anyway so doesn’t cause any problems whatsoever when using this type of tyre on such terrain.

All-Terrain Tires

These come with larger lugs blocks compared even ATVs’ Mud tires making them more aggressive when it comes grip during cornering etcetera over rougher surfaces like gravel roads or muddy fields etcetera. All terrains are therefore quite versatile since no matter what kind of adventure one wants to take their golf cart for, they’ll still be able make it back home safely without getting stuck somewhere along way because AT tyre was not suitable enough for that particular type of environment – unlike street slicks which would just slip and slide all over place before eventually giving up in an area where there’s little traction on offer.

Off-Road Tires

These have deep treads designed for superior grip on the most uneven and roughest terrains out there; trails with steep hills or stumps stones rocks logs can all pose a challenge but not anymore if you’re running off road tyres! They’re essential if you plan on going through forests, across fields full with thorns or other prickly bushes etcetera because without them it will be impossible even get few feet into such places due lack of necessary traction required by this type of environment – so always remember those words “off” & “road” should never appear next to each other unless followed immediately afterwards by “tyres”.

How To Choose The Right Tire For You

Depending upon individual’s intended use case scenario as well personal preference concerning style/appearance (cosmetics) , different factors need consideration:

  • What kinds of surfaces do I anticipate driving my golf-cart across?
  • Smooth streets require slick tires while rougher terrains necessitate all-terrain models.
  • How much rain does my locality receive annually? Are there loose surfaces prevalent in the area?

Wet weather conditions call for deeper tread depths which improve safety during cornering etcetera over loose substrates (e.g dirt tracks).

  • Have any modifications been made to your vehicle e.g installing a lift kit

This may affect both stability & the kind/type/size range that can be successfully accommodated by said device.

Normally, there is a wider selection of tires at cheaper prices in internet stores. For example, sites such as Golf Cart Tire Supply provide many options that enable you to compare different brands and models from the comfort of your living room.

Straight from the Manufacturers

Buying directly from manufacturers can give you the best prices and access to the newest tire technology. With this choice, there is no doubt that what you will get are genuine products of high quality made specifically for your golf cart needs.

The Best Brands To Look Out For

Some well-known brands dominate the market when it comes to golf cart tire manufacturing. Each one has its own benefits:

  • Carlisle: This brand offers a wide range of tires which are known for being durable as well as versatile enough to fit different types carts including those with special requirements.
  • Kenda: These tyres strike perfect balance between price & quality – they have many options suitable for various activities.
  • Rhox: Rhox stands out among competitors thanks to their breakthrough designs plus unmatched performance on any terrain type..


Selecting appropriate tyres for your golf cart is necessary if you want its performance and safety enhanced. To prepare your golf cart for any adventure, know all available kinds; keep them in good condition always and choose where necessary. It should be noted that apart from improving how attractive your car looks, these things also affect how well it works or whether it can be relied on or not. The fact remains that regardless of whether one moves around hills or fields while riding on their carts during sunny days at parks near homes across cities around worlds till midnight hours under moonlight skies over mountainside trails far away from civilization…

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