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We understand how important motorcycle tire sizes are in maintaining top performance levels and safety on the road at our company. The right tire size is essential for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience whether you have been riding for years or are just starting out with motorcycles. In this complete guide, we will look into the details of motorcycle tire sizes, discussing everything from why tire size matters to how to select the correct one for your bike.

Why Motorcycle Tire Sizes Matter

How your bike fares on different roads is highly determined by its Motorcycle tire sizes. Various aspects of riding such as handling, stability, traction and overall ride comfort can be influenced by the size of motorcycle tires. It is not only about performing well; you need to pick the right tire size for your bike so as not to compromise safety while on the road.

Classification of Motorcycle Tire Sizes

Usually, numbers and letters are used to classify different types of tyres depending on their dimensions or characteristics. The most commonly used format for specifying a particular type is through three measurements which include: width, aspect ratio and wheel diameter.

  • Width: This refers to the distance between sidewalls when an inflated tyre mounted on recommended pressure level. It is generally measured in millimeters
  • Aspect Ratio: It shows percentage relationship between height of side wall divided by width across thread pattern face expressed as a percentage gives some indication about profile shape or overall dimensionality although not standard
  • Wheel Diameter – Indicates size of rim which tyre fits , usually given inches measurement units but other systems like metric may also be employed depending upon country where this information originates from etcetera
  • Millimeters to inches: To convert tire sizes from millimeters to inches, divide the millimeter measurement by 25.4. For instance, a 120-millimeter tire width would be about equivalent to 4.72 inches (120 ÷ 25.4).
  • Inches to millimeters: Conversely, to convert tire sizes from inches to millimeters, multiply the inch measurement by 25.4. For example, an 18-inch diameter tire would measure around 457.2 millimeters (18 x 25.4).


In summary, it is important for people riding motorcycles to have the right tire size because this guarantees safety on the road and ensures that they get the best performance as well as comfort during the ride while considering various tire classifications depending on their needs were met with professional help where necessary so that you could choose confidently which one suits your motorcycle better according to our team who are experts in providing advice based on individual requirements along with superior quality solutions for tyres designed specifically for motorbikes; so do not hesitate reaching us today if need be or more information about selecting perfect tyre size for your bike

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