The Best Guide to Motorcycle with wide Tires

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Motorcycles with broad tires have become trendy in the biking world. These types of tires offer distinct advantages and change the riding experience completely. Wide tires are gaining popularity for various reasons such as stability and good looks among others. In this ultimate guide, we will discuss about benefits, considerations and our top picks for motorcycles equipped with wide tyres.

Why Choose Motorcycles with Wide Tires?

Better Stability and Control

Wide tires mean that there is a larger contact area between your bike’s tire and the road surface. This can enhance stability at high speeds – which is especially useful when taking corners or making last minute manoeuvres. The rider has more control over their motorcycle because they feel grounded onto it thanks to this increased contact patch size. Besides, the additional grip prevents skidding thus ensuring safer journeys.

More Traction on Different Surfaces

Motorcycles fitted with wide tyres perform well on all kinds of terrain; be it highways or off-road trails since these types of wheels have superior traction properties. When riding on uneven/ wet roads, you need not worry about slipping since such areas are gripped tightly by large surface areas created under this design feature.

Aesthetically Pleasing Look

A motorcycle stands out when it has fat tires. The wider stance coupled with bigger rubber gives bikes an aggressive appearance that cannot go unnoticed anywhere by anybody who sees it pass-by either in traffic jams or parking lots among other places one may ride through while using their two-wheeler machines . Therefore many owners choose them mainly for decorative purposes but also because they know very well how much attention these things tend attract from people around us!

What Should You Know About Broad Tire Motorbikes?

Compatibility With Your Bike

Before thinking of upgrading ensure that your current machine can accommodate fatter than standard ones by checking manufacturer specifications or consulting experts like mechanics who deal with such matters day in day out. Failure to do so might render your bike unsafe or affect its performance adversely which may lead to accidents during rides because tires were either too big for it or wheels did not have enough space between them.

Affect On Fuel Consumption

Fuel efficiency could be affected due increased rolling resistance caused by wide tyres themselves since more surface area comes into contact with road pavement thus creating additional friction that leads higher consumption rates especially if this is combined together wet conditions where there’s already reduced adhesion between tyres and surfaces being ridden on. So think twice about these two things before making any changes here!

Changes In Maneuverability And Handling Characteristics

Certainly, changing from narrow rubber bands onto broad ones alters how a motorcycle responds when being ridden. This does not mean they make bikes harder to control but rather different in terms of turning, cornering or even weaving through traffic jams among other areas where one needs good manoeuvrability skills while using their motorbike . Therefore riders should give themselves time to adapt themselves accordingly after fitting new wider tyres onto their motorcycles.

##Top Broad Tyre Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Harley Davidson Fat Boy is an iconic model having wide rear tyre as one of its unique features . It boasts stability thanks to 240mm rear tire which also contributes towards making this bike look muscular and bold simultaneously . Both performance lovers and fashion conscious individuals find much favor in using fat boys.

Yamaha VMAX

Vmax has always been known for power along with muscular looks achieved through adoption wider than usual tyres at the back end ; thus rendering them better suited for persons seeking power as well as performance altogether . Its 200 mm rear tyre provides great traction while offering stability throughout rides taken on various terrains .

Ducati XDiavel

Italian crafted Ducatis are famous all over the world particularly due their unique design elements implemented within said machines. XDiavel just happens to feature suchlike characteristics where they blend wide tire designs with another factor of greatness through having rear tyres measuring up-to-240 mm thereby enabling riders enjoy luxurious rides while still experiencing high levels performance .

Maintenance Tips For Wide Tyres

Regular Checking

Frequent checks should be made on your tires so that you can identify any punctures, uneven wear or damages before they become worse; this will save both time and money by preventing accidents from happening when least expected .


Many advantages come with motorcycles that have wide tires. Among these include better grip, good looks as well as stability enhancement. Nonetheless, before upgrading, it is important to think about suitability, fuel consumption and handling differences. The

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